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It has been a year which we have visibly and obviously experienced the effects of Covid-19 and climate change. The pandemic period and course have made me even more aware of our responsibilities towards nature and society, and I wanted to project this awareness upon my SS23 Collection, which I have prepared by adopting a sustainable fashion approach. We know that the water and environmental pollution caused by the textile sector is extremely harmful to humans and our environment. The raw material of polyester and similar synthetic substance that we find in most clothes is petroleum. Therefore, I believe in slow fashion and minimum consumption with high quality and time-free* products for conscious consumers with the principle of reducing chemical use and clean production. My mission has been to create a beautiful and sustainable fashion brand that expresses itself both creatively and globally. I love our planet. I believe in individuals and the collective power of conscious consumption. Sustainable and conscious consumption is the key to a better future for all of us. Love Merve Çakır

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